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Tracy Export, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that specializes in exporting hardwood veneer logs and various grades of saw logs throughout Europe and Asia. 


For over 25 years, Tracy Export, Inc. has been known around the world as one of the industry’s top hardwood log exporters.  The company has enjoyed success shipping various grades and species of logs to Italy, Japan, South Korea, China, and France, as well as Germany, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  Moving forward, Tracy Export, Inc. looks to continue its success in these markets, while creating new business.


Led by company president and owner Craig Tracy, Tracy Export, Inc. prides itself in supplying its customers with the highest quality hardwood logs available.


Backed by over 50 years and 4 generations of experience in the hardwood log industry, Tracy Export, Inc. takes special care in selecting only the choicest hardwood logs when fulfilling customer orders, regardless if it is high-priced veneer logs or low-grade saw logs.


With three facilities located in the heart of the Midwest, Tracy Export, Inc. has direct access to the top hardwood timbers available in the United States.  Customers can rest assured that they will receive only fresh-cut hardwood logs when they do business with Tracy Export, Inc.        


In 1984, Bill Tracy founded Tracy Export, Inc. in Dubuque, Iowa.  Prior to this, Bill harvested and sold hardwood logs with his father, Dayton Tracy, in the 1950s.  He then went on to work as an independent producer exporting hardwood logs to customers in Europe and Asia.  It was during this time the Tracy name first became known as a reliable producer of hardwood logs, especially Black Walnut.


Joining Bill when he started Tracy Export, Inc. was his son and current company president Craig Tracy.  From the start, Tracy Export, Inc. was successful exporting Black Walnut veneer logs and saw logs to Europe and Asia, as well as White Oak veneer logs and saw logs.  This success not only helped the company expand its business in these species, but it helped create business shipping Cherry, Red Oak, and Hard Maple veneer logs and saw logs.


As the company’s reputation as a reliable producer grew, so did Tracy Export, Inc.  Due to increased customer demand and inventories, Bill and Craig moved the company from Dubuque, Iowa, to its current location in East Dubuque, Illinois.  Years later to again accommodate customer demand, and to expedite shipments, Craig opened the company’s White Pigeon, Michigan, location.


When vice president Matt Tracy joined Tracy Export, Inc., it marked not only a third generation joining the company, but it also extended the family’s presence in the hardwood log industry to four generations.  During Matt’s time with the Tracy Export, Inc., business has continued to increase.  To further accommodate the growing company, Matt, along with his father Craig, established the company’s Cahokia, Illinois, location.


Over the years, company officers and family members have also added to Tracy Export, Inc.’s success.  For 20 years, vice president of log operations Bob Wiezorek has helped with purchasing and management, secretary/treasurer and export manager Allysen Tracy Bonifas supervises the company’s shipments and manages inventories, and accountant and office manager Mike Tracy oversees the business’s accounts and financial matters.  

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